festaria bijou SOPHIA will begin a collaboration with
global fashion director Nicola Formichetti, recognized worldwide for his
various productions with Hollywood.

世界的に活躍するファッションディレクターであるニコラ フォルミケッティとfestaria bijou SOPHIAが

festaria bijou SOPHIA’s trademark diamond collection, “Wish upon a star” will begin its collaboration with Nicola Formichetti. From fashion-line to couples jewelry and some of our smaller goods, Formichetti’s influential taste and design will be a definite eye-catcher for our future products to come. Our new collections featuring Nicola Formichetti will be in stores from November 2014. In the industry of fashion, where trends are short-lived, Formichetti’s inspiration has always been to produce an eternal creation. Because of this, Formichetti’s interest has turned to our particular diamonds,the “Wish upon a star” collection. From his inherent desire in the improvement of global ecology through his love of the earth and its inhabitants, “Wish upon a star” by festaria bijou SOPHIA has continuously assisted in becoming a true inspiration for Formichetti and his works. We will continually look forward to Nicola Formichetti’s unique, powerful, and iconic works with our trademark diamond, “Wish upon a star”.

フェスタリアのトレードマークとも言える“Wish upon a star”ダイヤモンドコレクションをニコラが監修。ファッションラインからカップルズ、小物まで幅広く手がけ、同コレクションは2014年11月を皮切りに次々に発表される。ニコラはこれからのファッションは短いサイクルで変わるものからスピリチャルで普遍的なものを大切にしていきたいとの思いを持ち、彼の目に留まったのが“Wish upon a star”ダイヤモンドだった。
自然や動物をこよなく愛しエコロジーへの思いも強い彼にとって地球、宇宙を感じさせる“Wish upon a star”からインスパイヤーを受けたという。恒久的マテリアルであるダイヤモンドという素材をニコラがどのようにプロデュースするのか楽しみである。

Photo on above: Nicola’s new collection scheduled to be in stores on November 1st.
Balancing masculinity with glamour, our collections are produced for both men and women alike. The contrasting colors between the black diamonds to our trademark diamond, the“Wish upon a star”, placed in the center piece of the necklace for taste, truly adds further sophistication and beauty to the jewelry.
We all look forward to Nicola’s powerful future creations, where not only his designs demonstrate a statement in itself, but his passion for the earth and the environment will present us all with an important message every time we witness Nicola Fromichetti’s upcoming works of art.

マスキュリンでありながらゴージャスな同コレクションはジェンダーを問わず着用出来るフェスタリア初のユニセックスライン。センターストーンに“Wish upon a star”ダイヤモンドを使用し、ブラックダイヤモンドとのコントラストが美しいアイテム。

Nicola Formichetti


After his promotion of Lady Gaga for 3 years as her stylist and fashion director, in 2010 Formichetti was announced as the new fashion creator of Mugler after designer, Thierry Mugler. His contributions also lie with UNIQLO as a fashion director for nearly 10 consecutive years. As of 2013, Formichetti has also begun his contributions as art director for Diesel.

ニコラ フォルミケッティ


Nicola Formichetti

Nicola at his home in Tribecca, NY, with his two dogs, Tank and Bambi.


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